Outdoor Understructure Specifications & Performance

System Height

Standard height 55 mm ~ 600 mm
Main Specifications:

in two height: 36 mm / 65 mm
in three height: 35 mm / 60 mm / 130 mm to cover all finish height requirements from 55 mm up to 1200 mm.
in two height: 12 mm / 50 mm
height: 20 mm

All pedestal base, extension-stud, extension-nut, top-plate are made of recycledpoly-propylene.

Loading Property: test by I” diameter indenter onto assembled pedestals.

height at 300 mm:
ultimate load greater than 1,400 kg.

Rusty-proof: non rusty issue when using at outdoor
Adhesives (optional):

Outdoor grade epoxy glue suitable for bond and interfacing
plastics / concrete slab, plastics / metal
Size of access floor tiles
stoneware tiles or panels: in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
wood and plastic-wood plank: in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
Environment protection

The pedestal system meets and contributes LEED credit points, which made of recycled poly-propylene contents no less than 30%.
environment-friendly: The pedestal systems are 100% re-usable, and 100% recyclable

HS2000 High-Stand Understructure Systems

System Height

Standard height 500 mm ~ 2000 mm (2 meters)
Main Specifications:
Application: outdoor or roof-top understructure systems for raised terrace or platform.

Understructure: supporting pedestals corner-locked by base beams and spacer beams to form standard 1.6X1.6 meter grid-pattern understructure**.

Pedestals standard
distance 1.6 meters O.C., net span in-between pedestals noless than 1.5 meters**.

Base beam and spacer beam: corner-lock onto pedestals to form standard gridpattern 1.6X1.6 meter understructure**.

All components of understructure including pedestal set, base beam, spacer beam, upper beam, are outdoor grade hot-dipped galvanized treatment.


High-stand systems for FFH 1200 mm to 2000 mm:

Loading Property:
Base Beam plus stone tiles/panels,
300kg less than 1.5 mm depression.
The pedestal systems are 100% re-usable, and 100% recyclable.

** note: Details of main components specifications such as steel thickness, size,
column diameter, dimension of upper beam, base beam are specified at system drawings per different ranges of finish floor height, type and size of floor covering, and loading requirements of each specific project. Span in-between base beams, upper beams, pedestals, are also specified and adjusted in accordance with floor coverings’ strength, length and width.