ECO Series
Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor System

ECO Series

Netfloor ECO Series is one of the best-selling products among Netfloor product family.
ECO series features high cable management capability at low-height, extra-durability, high changeability, easy accessibility, and more important is it’s friendly to the environment.

Since its launch in 1996, millions square meters of the ECO systems have been installed in many of the class-a office building projects, as well as in small school classrooms. To extend best sales services, the systems are distributed through Netfloor world-wide distribution network in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, UK, Spain, Benelux, Japan, HK, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei,…and more to be established.

In the meantime of distribution network establishing there are emerging market opportunities to the ECO systems which you might think small possibility before. Since year 2000, besides of the offices and schools, ECO series has been growingly using in the call centers, retail stores, exhibition rooms, and even rental live/exhibition events.
Low-Profile at High Capability
The Unique Grid-Pattern Cable Trench System
Cable Trenches:
are formed automatically when installing and connecting Base Connectors to UniPanels
Width of Cable Trench: 90 mm width cable trenchs surrounding every 600 X 600 mm module, jacks form a grid-pattern that facilitates future moves, additions and changes.

High cable management capacity at low-height
System heights:
40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70mm.
Cable Trench clearance: system height minus 9 mm.
Cables: can be routed systematically through the cable trenches, and cavities under the UniPanels providing reserve space for extra distribution.
Free cable extension: Cables extend from cable trenches to connect with service floor boxes, or extend through grommets to connect data and power sockets at partition wall bases, conference table, or workstation desktop locations.
High Changeability
Besides of providing systematic and high cable capacity, the system facilitates high changeability where cable re-routing
and relocation is expected frequently:

1. Systems installed without adhesives to the sub-floor.
2. At the time of re-location, no damage to sub-floor.
3. Cable routing and re-routing is efficient, neat, and with little interference to surrounding workstations.
4. Overnight re-distribution is workable, without interfering business hours.
5. Minimal costs are incurred during re-layout or re-location.
6. In the event of re-location, all components are 100% re-usable.
Environmental Friendly

LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is globally recognized certification program for the design, construction, and operation of environment efficiency buildings. Netfloor flooring systems are substantially compliant to LEED Credit Point standards. The following information is to help maximize the Credit Points for your projects.

How Netfloor systems help your projects achieve maximize LEED Credit Point?

The ECO series with its emphasis on being environmentally friendly meets the high standard of Green Building Materials The UniPanel (main panel) is made of recycled poly propylene All of the main components of ECO series including UniPanel Base Connector Cable Trench steel caps are re usable and recyclable The ECO series has been accredited ECO Mark listed in Japan and Taiwan. Using the ECO series for both new buildings and old building renovations.
LEED Credit LEED Requirements Netfloor System Compliance LEED Points
for Your Project
Materials & Resources
Credit 4.2
Use materials with recycled content total of 20%, based on cost of the total value of the materials in the project. ECO series CA700R, CA600R, CA500R, CA400R recycled contents are greater than 65% of total system material Contribute to 2 points
Materials & Resources Credit 5.1/5.2 Regional Materials: 10% extracted, processed & manufactured regionally ECO series CA700R, CA600R, CA500R, CA400R are manufactured in Taichung, Taiwan Contributes to 1~2 points for projects in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau within 500 miles (800km) of Taichung
Environment Quality Credit 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants.Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants. ECO series is
designed to install without
adhesives on the sub-floors,
unlike traditional access
floor systems which requires
adhesives to be applied to
the sub-floor.
Contribute to 1 point
ECO mark
LEED Compliance Mark
Recyclable Mark
Relocation - 100% re-usable
This branch office of a Japanese company in Taiwan, has used the ECO series for 10 years (until April, 2009)
Relocation Photo 1
pack the cable trench steel caps
Relocation Photo 2
UniPanels and steel caps were packed
Relocation Photo 3
quickly and efficiently moved out
Relocation Photo 4
transported to the re-located site
Recycle - 100% Recyclable
Recycle Photo 1
Recycle from job site
Recycle Photo 2
Recycle Photo 3
Crushed poly-propylene
Recycle Photo 4
packed and prepare for resin re-manufacturing

The system consists 4 main components: UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap, and Flank Cap.


Interlocking configuration, low labor costs

The system consists 4 main components: UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap, and Flank Cap. During installation, UniPanels are connected by Base Connectors, which automatically forms 90 mm wide, grid-pattern Cable Trenches. Steel Cable Trench Caps (Central Cap and Flank Cap) are easily installed, by hand, to cover the Cable Trenches. The Cable Trench Caps are designed to seat firmly on UniPanel, and protect cables running inside the Cable Trenches that can be easily removed for complete accessibility.
All main components, UniPanel, Cable Trench Cap, Base Connector are interchangeable.
Unipanel photo
The UniPanel is composed of 16 sub-panels, 64 built-in pedestals, self-standing and has a 10 times higher Uniform Loading ration than traditional raised access floor
Base connector photo
4-way Base Connector to connect corner pedestals of the UniPanel to automatically form grid-pattern of Cable Trenches
Central Cap and Flank Cap  photo
Central Cap and Flank Cap are fully accessible, and inter-changeable. Users can lift the caps easily without using special tools
ECO system photo
Continuous interlocking process to lay UniPanels on the floor. It follows the floor contour with no leveling required
Quick Installation, Less Interference
Installation is quick and easy with whether its done by amateurs or trained contract installers. If renovating, installation may be done room by room or area by area to minimize interference in normal office operation. Full height dry wall or de-mountable partition can be erected on top of the system without interrupting cable distribution.
Cost Effective
Labor saving: only 1/2 - 2/3 the installation time compared to conventional raised floor. One installer can complete 70 to 90 sq. meters (750 - 950 SF) per working day.
Low initial cost: Save an average of 2/3 material and labor costs when comparing to traditional raised access floor.
Low maintenance costs: Maintenance costs of the ECO series is almost nonexistent
100 % reusable
In case of renovation or re-location, all main components, with the exception of the sound attenuation blanket, can be easily removed, and are 100 % reusable.
Users Friendly
Cables are free to extend and connect to open office low partitions, full partitions, workstation, desk top, by just replacing the Flank Cap with Exit-Cap (Flank Cap with 60 mm diameter opening). Lifting and replacing of Trench Caps are very easy, either by hand and/or screw driver, without needing special tools or a call to floor contractor.
Partition on ECO top Photo
Full height partition erected on top by fastening floor track onto UniPanel by < 12 mm length wafer-head screw
ECO in office photo
Half-height partition on ECO series Power, data, voice cables distributing under the floor, efficient and limitless
Partition lays on ECO photo
In case the partition lays on a Cable Trench, drill a hole in the floor track and steel trench cap, then fasten by < 15 mm length blunt-head screw

Accommodate all types of workstations, half-height / full-height partitions, ZoneEx power distribution systems

Routing cables from any point of Cable Trench to extend through Exit-Cap to extend to partition, wall base, desk top, or workstation.

Through floor box at any point of Cable Trench

To extend cables connecting to service boxes installed at Cable Trenches by just replacing the Flank Cap
Floor box photo 1
Floor box photo 2
Grommet photo 1
Grommet photo 3
Cable extend through Exit-Cap and grommet
Grommet photo 2
Grommet photo 4
Extension through Exit- Cap to full or half height partition
Incorporate with ZoneEx Modular Power Distribution System
Multiple routes starting from electric panel to all workstations in each floor space.
One route facilities 4 zone boxes, plug & play, extends and supports total 16 workstations (floor box).
One floor box provides 1 X twin sockets, 3 data jack faceplate.
Free-end jumpers: connect to other brands' floor boxes, or connect to desktop or workstations.
Modular power system photo
Incorporate with Modular Power Distribution system distributes power from electric panel, extend and connect to workstations through Cable Trenches, and connect all workstations without cutting and sheath striping at sites.
Low-Profile Access Floor
Low-profile Access Floor photo 1

Full-Steel Low-Profile Access Floor
Grid-Pattern Cable Trenches
100% re-usable, 100% recyclable
Low-Profile Access Floor
Low-profile Access Floor photo 2

Low-Profile Access Floor
Grid-Pattern Cable Trenches
100% re-usable, 50% recyclable
Low-profile Access Floor
Low-profile Access Floor photo 3
Grand Square

Low-Profile FFH 40, 60 mm
LEED Compliance
100% re-usable, 100% recyclable