Outdoor Understructure Specifications & Performance

System Height

Standard height 55 mm ~ 600 mm
Main Specifications:

in two height: 36 mm / 65 mm
in three height: 35 mm / 60 mm / 130 mm to cover all finish height requirements from 55 mm up to 1200 mm.
in two height: 12 mm / 50 mm
height: 20 mm

All pedestal base, extension-stud, extension-nut, top-plate are made of recycledpoly-propylene.
Stringer: suggested to install at finish floor height 500 mm and above.Made of stainless or hot-dip steel, to comply to geographic condition, and job site location.

Loading Property: test by I” diameter indenter onto assembled pedestals.

height at 300 mm:
ultimate load greater than 1,400 kg.

Rusty-proof: non rusty issue when using at outdoor
Adhesives (optional):

Outdoor grade epoxy glue suitable for bond and interfacing plastics / concrete slab, plastics / metal. Adhesives shall be generally spread at whole bottom of the pedestal base, and sufficient to pulping up through opening holes at bottom of the pedestal base.
Floor covering: suitable for top-finished by carpet tiles, or vinyl tiles at least 4.5 mm thick. Engineered wood plank with foam-back, or broadloom carpet are also good as top-finish.
Size of access floor tiles
Natural granite stone tile size: suggest thickness no less than 50 mm, size not greater than 600 mm X 600 mm.
Engineered terrazzo tile (Netfloor Solitile):
size 600 mm X 600 mm / thickness: no less than 40 mm.
Wood and plastic-wood plank: in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
Environment protection

The pedestal system meets and contributes LEED credit points, which made of
recycled poly-propylene contents no less than 30%

environment-friendly: The pedestal systems are 100% re-usable, and 100%