Hi Floor
Outdoor Pedestal System for Raised Access Floor

HiFloor pedestal system

HiFloor pedestal system
is ideal solution as supporting understructure for all type of outdoor raised floor stoneware tiles and wood planks. The system provides complete heights by easy assemble of studs and nuts, to comprise standard finish floor height 55 mm to 600 mm, and up to 1200 mm by adding braces and supports. The pedestaling system is water-proof. So, also good for using in high humility and watering interiors such as pools, saunas, toilets, etc.

Environment-Friendly and LEED compliance
All components of the pedestaling systems are made of recycled propylene which comply to LEED, and contribute LEED credit points when apply for green building certificate. The system is environment-friendly because all components are 100% re-useable, and 100% recyclable.
The system consists of top-plate set, extension-stud, extension-nut, and pedestal-base. extension-studs are hollow stud with exterior thread extension-nuts are hollow stud with internal thread
Top plate set: consists of top plate, and dividers for tiles and planks.
Extension-Stud: exterior thread stud, available at three heights for height extension to cover all height requirements.
Extension-Nut: available in 12 mm and 50 mm height, to lock Extension-Studs, or lock Extension-Stud onto Pedestal-Base
Pedestal-Base: self-stand pedestal base with internal thread for locking by first piece Extension-Stud, to extend to required Heights
Level-pad (optional): for leveling the pedestals, to absorb the slope at concrete slab or ground for rain draining. Made of aluminum.
High loading property:
The system is suitable for heavy loading application, which is sustainable for heavy loading requirement, for loading 1500LB less than 2.5 mm depression, and to 4,125LB (1,875 kg) without failure on the pedestal itself. And, when assembled, support the heavy-duty stoneware tiles required in outdoor applications.
System Height Composition

1. Low-Profile: H3 for pedestal height 85~120 mm

Pedestal Base (HI-BS65)+ Extension Stud (HI-TB60) + Extension Nut (HI-NT12) + Cap Pedestal lowest height + stone tile (40 mm): for finish floor height 125~165 mm (including stone tile 40 mm thick)
Extension-Stud Top-Plate
Extension-Nut HI-NT12 (12 mm H)
Pedestal-Base HI-BS65

2. Supper Low-Profile: for finish floor height (FFH) 55~75 mm installation

Pedestal Base (HI-BS36) + Extension Stud (HI-TB35) + Extension Nut (HI-NT2) + Cap Pedestal lowest height + stone tile (40 mm):for finish floor height 95~115 mm (including stone tile 40 mm thick) maintain leveling

3. Standard height up to 600 mm

by extension of Extension-Stud + Extension-Nut
assemble to required finish floor height, standard height up
Example of 500 mm height assembly
For outdoor landscape --- to support stone tiles and wood planks

1. HiFloor pedestal to support granite stone tiles

Suggest granite stone tiles
size: 400 mm X 400 mm, thickness: no less than 40 mm
size: 600 mm X 600 mm, thickness: no less than 50 mm

2. Plastic-wood plank

Space and display per plastic-wood may vary due to applications and pedestrian traffic.
Understructure to the plastics-wood plank: Hot-dipped galvanized steel square tube.
Standard space of square tube: 60 cm in-between HiFloor pedestal: average 50 cm per pedestals under square tube.
fasten devise clamps and screws: made of stainless steel

3. Engineered stone panels (Netfloor Solitile)

Panel size: 600 mm X 600 mm
finish floor height: 95 mm (pedestal minimum 45 mm + tile 40 mm thick) ~ 600 mm module: 604 mm X 604 mm ( 4mm gap in-between stone tiles for rain draining)
HiFloor pedestal set 4 mm gap
in-between tiles for rain draining
outdoor engineered stone for various top-finish
stone panel polished or brush finish with condensification treatment for landscape
level-pad (optional): using as lever by inserting under
the HiFloor pedestal base. The pads provide leveling
at surface of floor panels by absorbing the 1% slope
(or more) along the slab or ground to water sewage.
Adhesives shall be applied pulped up through holes of
the pads as well as holes at HiFloor pedestals’ base.
Stringers (optional) for height greater than 600 mm
The supporting stringers are made of rust-proof stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized
steel in according to geographic location and job site application requirements
stringers of grid- pattern 1200 mm or 600 mm O.C.
Support cement tiles or stoneware tiles as landscape and energy-saving insulation at building roof
1. effectively block thermo radiation from roof top
2. protect roof water resistance treatment for longer duration
3. create recreation space at the roof-top, for roof garden, roof restaurant
ventilation: through 4 ~ 6 mm gap in-between all stone tiles, and 100~150 mm at perimeters