CamassCrete Specifications & Performance

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Netfloor CamassCrete CS1000W series

Module Set:
600 x 600 mm  23.62" x 23.62"
one module set= 1 UniPanel (main panel) + 1 Base Connector + 1 Central Cap + 4 Flank Caps
System height:
Super Low-Profile: 40 mm ~ 60 mm (1.57 ) height adjustable ~2.36
Low-Profile: 76 mm (3 ~ 150 mm (6 height adjustable )
System weight:
36 kg / per sq. meter.
Main Components:
UniPanel (Main Panel)
Size: 510 mm x 510 mm (20.07" x 20.07")

Grooves: at four side of panel top, width 5 mm, length 410 mm, depth 8 mm.

Top plate and bottom plate of panel: steel, corrosion protection by powder coating. Panel body in-filled with light weight cement.

Pedestals: Galvanized steel, fixed at four corners. Assembled to system's required height.

Base Connector:
Central Cap:
2.3 mm (0.09") thick flat steel,or 2.0 mm thick steel bend at four-sides, corrosion protection by electro-deposition.
Flank Cap:
2 mm thick steel, corrosion protection by powder coating or electro-deposition, ribs reinforced, Bent at flange to form a L-shape, bent flanges sealed by u-shape pvc trim to eliminate noise when contacting at grooves of the UniPanel.

Cable Trench Capacity
Inside width: 110 mm (4.33")
Cable Trench opening width: 90 mm (3.54")
Cable Trench clearance: system height minus 8 mm
Cable capacity under UniPanel (main panel): system height minus 28 mm.

Loading Property: in accordance with CISCA
Concentration Load: UniPanel    
600 LB < 2.5 mm depression (1" square indenter)
Concentration ultimate load: safety factor greater than 2.75.

Uniform Distribution Load: UniPanel:
uniform ultimate load > 1500 psf
All steel system, non-combustible. Meet B S476 part 4, ASTM E-84

Environment Protection:

Re-usable: In the event of re-location, 100% components are re-usable

Recyclable: Components are 100% recyclable

LEED, BREEAM Compliance: The main panel (Unipanel) is self-stand. No adhesives are applied at installation. There is no glued onto the subfloor, and no damage to subfloor while removing.  

Warranty 5 years limited warranty.